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What make a MAC gun different?

To some, our pistols may look like other guns floating around the interwebs and on social media. I'll go into a little detail on what makes our in-house pistol, the MAC19, different from the rest.

I was frustrated with the current offering for turn-key pistols from some other companies. A quick search will yield several results with guns in the $2,000 plus range that really don't perform that well, at least not $2500 good. We set out to build a pistol that runs as good as it looks, and do it on a realistic budget. Don't get me wrong, they are not cheap per se. Trust me, I know, they cost a lot to build! They are, however, very value rich in that you are getting more than you pay for with every detail refined. With the MAC19, you are getting a system that is tested and designed to work together, not a mix and match of parts that looks good on Instagram.

The Frame: If you type "P80 frame" in a google search, you will be met with mixed reviews. From happy DIY shooters, to angry YouTube "gunsmiths" complaining about cycling issues touting their months of experience. (HA!)

We have found these to be great frames if the right steps are taken in the manufacturing process. I say manufacturing, because that's what we're doing by turning these 80% frames into functional, 100% complete receivers. We take extra steps to ensure they cycle slides as good or better than factory frames.

They fix a ton of complaints that their cousin, the Glock 19 routinely gets. Grip angle, lack of finger grooves, and an integrated beaver tail all give this gun some of the best ergonomics out there. They feel more like an M&P or a 1911 as far as natural point of aim. Add in our full stippling, refined undercuts, and deep gas pedals, these frames really do look and feel better than all the others we tested.

The Slide: We start with a blank of 17-4 stainless steel from a trusted manufacturer for our billet slides. This blank allows us more freedom to add serrations and other design features that can't be cut on a factory slide. In short, we take a hunk of awesome, heat treated stainless and cut it up.

These slides have tighter tolerance rail channels than factory, which combined with our hand lapped frame rails, makes a much tighter slide to frame fit. We leave just enough wiggle room to maintain reliability. This tighter fit makes for a more accurate gun and even makes the trigger break more crisp due to eliminating excess up travel during the trigger press.

All of our slides come STANDARD with the optic cut for the Trijicon RMR. We have found this to be by far the most reliable pistol mounted optic. In many training classes and guns we've built, I've seen more iron sights fail than RMRs. One of my personal RMRs has well over 20,000 rounds on it with nothing more than a few scheduled battery changes. If you add the RMR upgrade, we will set it up our tried and true way with our titanium sealing plate and torx screws for bulletproof install. And we'll even zero it for you. Of course you can pick your backup sight location as well, either in front, or behind the optic in the stock location.

To sum it up, when I designed the MAC19, I really just designed a gun that I would buy with the no BS options that I liked. Sourcing all the right parts and putting all the pieces together to make a super functional pistol at a great value. If you have any questions or would like to know more, shoot me an email or give me a call and we can chat!